Monday, October 26, 2009

This one should be fun come support pando W3 midwest riding and the brands hustling to put this together and get your video viewing needs fulfilled with peepshow and VG video premiers

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lots to catch up on...

First off let me remind you to vote for the amazing dancing hobbit Louie Vito who just might face elimination tonight against Aaron Carter and Chuck Liddell on dancing with the stars. 

Secondly let me remind you that tomorrow is the biggest party of the year in lower Michigan in the snowboard world ( I give Marquette some credit in the UP ). Tomorrow night Wednesday the 14th of October will be the annual Wind Waves and Wheels Welcomes Winter party held at Monte's Bar and Lounge 438 Bridge Street Grand Rapids, MI 49504, (616) 774-5969.  We have just finished stuffing Hundreds of prize giveaway to accompany our many grand prize drawings which include Luggage, Jackets, Bags, high end hoodies, goggles, and even a free snowboard. All prizes are courtesy of Burton, W3 and the many generous sponsors that W3 helped gather for this huge event  .

Up and coming fun times to report:
BMBW Open house!
Coming up this weekend it is the annual Boston Mills / Brandywine Open House and Buckeye Tent sale. This is always a big fun event. Be sure to check back for some photos and what not. While down in Ohio land I hope to check out the new Autumn Line film from the brilliant Porter Brothers and I am also planing to attend / maybe join in on the always fun Rail jam that they through together at Boston mills, scheduled for Saturday the 17th if you happen to be in the area or not you should swing down and check it out. 

Yup you don't want to miss this one...... 
With the only two goals in mind ( having fun and riding snowboards ) This event always proves its self to be a great time every year. We are still working out the details but we are hoping to have woodfired pizzas, some good music and some fun features. 
Email me or call me if you are down to help grab some snow for this, all help will be greatly appreciated!

No halloween plans yet????
Thank Oliver Dixon  for making your night and possibly your year. This october 31st be sure to attend Halloween Havoc at mt Brighton for good times and a good rail jam. 

FRIDAY! October 30th:
NEW NEW NEW! Movie Night/ Michigan High School Boarder cross fundraiser!
Inside Mt.Brighton Lodge
Snowboard Video, on a projector
cash bar ~ (21 and older only for bar, duh!)
COSTUME CONTEST $100 first prize (Get creative, Get silly!)
B-1 will be DJ-ing!
$5 donation at the door

SATURDAY! October 31st:
Rail Jam!
Starts at 11am
Goes till 4ish
Divisions depend on attendance
Sponsor tents
$10 hill access/entry fee

Half rail jam, half party!

Updates: NEW LOCATION! Mt. Brighton! No Bonfire. Friday party/fundraiser.

if you would like to VOLUNTEER shoot a message to Oliver Dixon or Steve Jesionowski
VOLUNTEERS! We Need people w/trucks who are willing to pick up some snow and take it to Mt.Brighton Friday evening and Early Saturday Morning! Help us 
Message us for more info!

We want a lot of people to show up! riders AND spectators. 
We're planning to have 3 features set up feel free to make suggestions, just post them on the wall!

Special thanks.. (for all the latest action sports events and info)
Midwest Apparel (Check the facebook!)
TWC Surf and Sport
Mountain Soul (

Keeping the good times rolling......
Nov 7th at Boyne Country Sports Novi Location there will be a jail jam sample sale combo (great deals and great times!!!)  Helmets are required along with waivers. Email me or Boyne with any questions.

Of coarse we are not stopping there .....
Saturday November 14th Modern Skate and Surf Royal Oak will be holding its annual Swap sale (Bring your goods to them and set a price for either a portion of the profit cash or 100% in store credit). To accompany this awesome event we have Paired up with Modern to do yet another Rail jam. Come join us for this groovy event! Helmets and waivers also required  

What we have been up to so far this season

Don Thomas O park Rail Jam Birmingham 

The good looking both set up 
Flat black in its element.. (no pun intended) 

Rolling out the red carpet for these guys
Not something you see everyday
Nothing like "first snow"......
Skitoberfest....  maybe next year they can call it boardtoberfest 
Another wonderful booth set up..  thanks to Collin for manning it 
I think we have both seen the B movie 50 times each.... and the shop loop a couple 100 times too! 
It doesn't get much more exciting than trying to fend off candy hungry skiers in tall t's and answering the question "when is Burton going to start making skis?" over and over again with the same response Never! 

Thanks Boyne for having us it really was a good time and I look forward to next year !

Keep checking back for more updates on up and coming events and pictures from past events! 

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eye Candy

One great thing about fall to help overshadow the less glorious things such as the fact that you have to go back to school, water is becoming colder and less inviting, and falling leaves are starting to clutter up you favorite skate spots is that new winter product begins to rain down on your local shops

Boards arriving at W3 (

More and more products are arriving daily

Granted many different companies are making some great boards, one outstanding achievement I would like to spotlight is that This year Burton was honored to accept Goodwood's seal of approval on 7 different boards. What makes this even more special is that each company is only allowed to submit 7 boards to be tested. This is the first sweep of this nature in the goodwood testing history, with winners in every single category. Out of hundreds of snowboards that were put to the test, the Vapor, Custom V-Rocker, Joystick, Blunt, Lip-Stick, The Social and Easy Livin’ were recognized as some of the best most fun boards to hit the hills for this season.

New for 010, the TW Good Wood board test asked participating companies to designate whether the board was park-specific or all-mountain. Testers then filled out two different test sheets and took two different test routes down the mountain depending on the type of board. The park test had an emphasis on rails, boxes and jumps while the all-mountain board test had an emphasis on turning, stability and jumping.

The Custom V-Rocker and Joystick both took top honors in the over $400 in the all-mountain men’s category while the Blunt won in the under $400 park category. On the women’s side, the Lip-Stick won in the over $400 all-mountain category, while The Social took the park award in the under $400. The Burton Vapor, landed a spot in the pipe category for the second year running. Danny Davis’ late model Easy Livin’ took an award in the over $400 all-mountain category and is looking good with the late model red wings colors.

Five of the seven winning board models (Custom V, Joystick, Blunt, Lip-Stick, The Social) feature V-Rocker technology, which has a center rocker with additional rockers on either side of your feet. Naturally de-cambered, this design energizes edge control under your feet while disengaging tip and tail contact points for a catch-free loose feel. V-Rocker boards turn on a dime thanks to the added grip of Pressure Distribution Edges.

The Easy Livin’ features Flying-V technology, which gives aggressive freestylers the best of both worlds with a hybrid of camber and rocker performance. Rockers between and outside your feet create a loose and forgiving freestyle feel and float through pow. Underneath your feet, camber combines with the response and grip of The Channel, Lightning Bolts, Pressure Distribution Edges, and EGD to focus control and edge-hold for crisp snap, pop, and power through turns.

The Vapor features tried and true camber, known for power in turns and precision in the pipe. Acting like a suspension, camber creates a lively ride capable of slicing and stomping the entire mountain.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new 2010 Burton line head to And be sure to pick up a copy of TransWorld Snowboarding’s Buyer’s Guide for the full story on the Good Wood Board Test.

That said ride what you love, Ride what is fun, and have fun riding.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yippi Marie Hucal!

I was just browsing the interweb and came across some one who obviously has a great judge of character. I was reading last weeks yobeat hump day with Gabby Maiden  (check out  for the full interview)
when when I came across something I couldn't agree more with about a rad girl and awesome snowboarder from Brighton Mi.  

The article reads: 

Yobeat: How do you feel about female snowboarding?

Gabby: I think it’s going in an awesome direction. You know why? One woman, one girl, has given me hope that there is someone out there that is not only the most kindhearted and most legit person, but also doesn’t give a fuck, and that is Marie Hucal. She is by far my favorite snowboarder, I’m not even going to lie. I saw her the other day riding HCSC and she fucking killed it. I think Marie is the one inspiring girls to ride right now.

Photo cred Cameron Strand 

Horray for rad people like Marie and horray for the mid west!

Look for Marie in the upcoming All female Video Peep Show dropping soon!

Wow really?

I know my this site was supposed to be to the things that make me happy but.....

this is just sad...

Philadelphia has announced that effective November 1, skateboarding and talking on the phone will now be illegal.

According to NPR:

Starting November 1st in Philadelphia, if you are skateboarding, biking or inline skating you better put away your cell phone or you better use a hands-free device. It’s one of the most far-reaching bans on non-motorists in the nation.

Two laws unite to form one ultra sucky law

(3)  Prohibited Conduct.  No person shall use a mobile telephone or wireless 

communication device in any way, including for voice communication, messaging or 


(b)  while using a skateboard, scooter, inline skates or bicycle on any Street 

within the City. 

(5)  Penalties.  

(a)  The penalty for a violation of this Section shall be a fine of not less than $150, 

nor more than $300.  In lieu of payment of such fine, a person who receives a notice of 

violation of this Section may, within 10 days of receipt of such notice, pay $75, pursuant 

to the procedures set forth in Section 1-112 of The Philadelphia Code. 


Louie Vito getting his dancing shoes ready

I found this on cheese dick click blog and found it humorous.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Spring break oh 10?

It is hard to believe it is almost that time once again for snow to fall and for us to slide on it down somewhat sloped surfaces. This time of the year is where the normal mosquito bite type itch turns into that type of itch where your mom has to put oven-mitts on your hands so that you don't tear off your own flesh. It is 83 degrees out and yet I want nothing more than that 6 pointed icy wonder to accumulate at my feet. No longer is waters boat pulled impostor going to suffice as an ample substitute nor will the the joys of playing with snowboards 4 wheeled cool older brother be able to fill the void any longer. 

I want a tow rope scraping through my hands 
I want roadtrips in packed vans,
I want high fives and good vibes
  I want to stick back Fives,
I want to tweak 
I want to slash 
I need snowboarding.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Analog Design Unlikely Features Contest

Analog is running a rad contest that will be accepting submissions from September 1st until November 1st. Click on the picture above for to get an idea of what this contest is all about. The analog site will go live with winter gear and more contest details a little later this month but I figured it wouldn't Hurt to Start brainstorming now. The winner will receive and expenses paid trip to Big Bear to witness their feature being built and get to be one of the first to session it.

Also coming your way from the Analog crew and 
the infamous Greg Hunt (director of mind field) and Mark Oblow 

Monday, August 10, 2009

Casey and Charlie as seen through the lens of Cameron Strand

This is the first of many post I hope to make in relation to sliding sideways in the mitten and our other neighboring states. 

These dudes rip  and Cameron Strand knows how to take some good photos too!  Both Casey Huizenga and Charlie Hoffman have been filming with a cool dude for a midwest video effort coming out of the Petoskey Michigan called Hello, Friends' by Jake Breed witch will be available at Ride 45 in Petoskey and hopefully some other surrounding shops.
Rider: Charlie Hoffman Photos: Cameron Strand 

Rider: Casey Huizenga Photos: Cameron Strand 
Add Video
 Hello, Friends': Jake Breed FourFive Films